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Who We Are

Our Friars

Group photo from 2007 Chapter - Siena College

Members of Holy Name Province can be found in anything from the traditional brown habit to business casual attire to work clothes. They live in cities, suburbs and rural areas. Their backgrounds are diverse and their ministries are varied; most serve in pastoral roles, while others work in education, social ministry, administration and manual trades.

Holy Name Province friars live in local fraternities, or friaries, stretching from New England to Florida. Most friaries are connected with a ministry such as a parish or school. Some friars live singly due to the nature or location of their ministries (i.e. education, healthcare and chaplain work), but gather periodically with other friars.

Friar Stories
Journey with 75+ men as they reveal what drew them to our Franciscan way of life.

Blogs by HNP Members
Follow the activities and reflections of several of our friars to gain a glimpse of their lives and values as Franciscans.

Friars in the News
View clips and read coverage of Holy Name priests and brothers in the media.

Provincial Ministers
Through photos and biographies, learn about HNP's leaders since the Province's founding in 1901.

Deceased Friars
Read about the lives of the hundreds of departed Holy Name friars — their backgrounds and ministries.

Looking for a Friar?
To obtain contact information for a specific friar, please phone or e-mail the Provincial Office. For privacy reasons, friar phone numbers and e-addresses are not provided online.

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