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News Archive



  • Friar Death - July 3

    Br. Brian Hart, 69, a professed Franciscan for 39 years, died July 3 in Wayne, N.J. Funeral services are posted on Upcoming Events webpage.


  • Feast of St. Anthony June 13

    Our ministries are planning commemorations with music, fiestas, bread distribution and veneration of the saint's relics.

  • GreenFaith Certification for Virginia Parish

    St. Francis of Assisi Parish has been recognized for its commitment to the environment.

  • New Provincial Minister

    Fr. Kevin Mullen was elected June 4 as the new leader of Holy Name Province. Br. F. Edward Coughlin will serve as interim president of Siena College when Fr. Kevin leaves.

  • Friar Death -- June 2

    Fr. Theodore, McNally, 85, a professed Franciscan friar for 63 years and a priest for 58, died Monday in New Jersey. Funeral arrangements are posted on the Upcoming Events webpage.


  • Celebrating 50 Years as Priests

    Our ordination class of 1964 commemorated its milestone with Mass and a diner on May 23.

  • Fr. Kevin Mackin Honored

    Mount Saint Mary College expressed thanks to its president as the friar prepares to step down.

  • Fraternitas - May issue

    The current issue of the OFM's newsletter announced a bishop appointment and a recent meeting of leaders of the Order's conferences.

  • Friar Death - May 26

    Fr. Vianney Devlin, 84, a professed Franciscan friar for 63 years and a priest for 58, died Monday evening in Ringwood, N.J. Funeral arrangements are posted on the Events webpage.

  • Friar Death - May 7

    Br. Fintan Duffy, 92, a professed Franciscan for 53 years, died Wednesday morning in Ringwood, N.J. Funeral services are posted on the Upcoming Events webpage.


  • Friar Death -- April 23

    Fr. Aloysius Siracuse, a professed Franciscan for 71 years and a priest for 66, died Wednesday in Pompton Plains, N.J. Funeral services announced on Upcoming Events webpage.

  • April History

    Notable events from past years include friar family reunion, dedication of SBU's Merton Center, anniversary commemorations of St. Clare's birth

  • Friar Death - April 19

    Fr. Ambrose Donehue, 90, a professed friar for 67 years and a priest for 62, died on Saturday in Ringwood, N.J. Funeral services posted in Upcoming Events.

  • Provincial Minister's Reflection

    Fr. John O'Connor shares news about April ESC meeting and plans for balance of term

  • Jubilarian Profile -- Fr. Emeric

    Fr. Emeric Szlezak is commemorating 75 years as a Franciscan friar.


  • 90th Anniversary of St. Anthony's Guild

    All are welcome to the special Mass on March 29 at St. Francis of Assisi Church, New York City, to celebrate nine decades of "love at work."

  • Friar Death - March 19

    Fr. Leon Ristuccia, 94, a professed Franciscan friar for 72 years and a priest for 68, died in Ringwood, N.J. Funeral arrangements posted on Upcoming Events webpage.


  • February History

    This month in Provincial history includes the dedication of the new St. Petersburg chapel and the relocation of the HNP novitiate.

  • Retreat Opportunities

    Franciscan gatherings for friars and laypeople are planned for Pennsylvania and Upstate New York.

  • Friar Death -- Feb. 21

    Fr. Edward Donohue, 84, a professed Franciscan for 61 years and a priest for 57, died Friday morning in Ringwood, N.J. Funeral services are posted on the Upcoming Events webpage.

  • Friar Death - Feb. 7

    Fr. Alexius Mulrenan, 80, a professed Franciscan for 59 years and a priest for 53, died Friday at St. Anthony Friary in St. Petersburg, Fla. Funeral arrangements are posted on the Upcoming Events webpage.

  • Ongoing Formation Conference Calls

    Friars are encouraged to participate in phone discussions on specific topics -- led by friars with expertise -- arranged by the HNP Ongoing Formation Committee.


  • Catholic Schools Week

    Br. Paul Santoro, of Florida, reflects on the value of Catholic education.

  • Daring Peace in America Magazine

    Fr. Dan Horan writes about those who "cry out in the wilderness of our 21st century world on behalf of nonviolence."

  • Friar Death -- Jan. 3

    Fr. Stephen Lynch, 87, a professed Franciscan for 63 years and a priest for 58, died Friday evening in Ringwood, N.J. Funeral arrangements are posted on the Events webpage.



  • Summer 2014 Courses

    The Franciscan Institute has announced its enrichment offerings

  • Friar Death -- Dec. 13

    Fr. Robert Struzynski, 78, a professed Franciscan for 55 years and a priest for 50, died Friday in Ringwoood, N.J.


  • Helping the Philippines

    Our partners-in-ministry are donating to Catholic Relief Services as the Order announces the creation of a special fund to help people affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

  • November History

    Notable events that happened this month in past years include a priestly ordination in Virginia and an awards presentation by Jesuits to the friars.

  • Helping with Immigration Reform

    U.S. Catholics are encouraged to participate in the Nov. 13 call-in day to urge legislators to initiate immigration reform

  • Singing Friar Concert on Nov. 14

    Br. Alessandro, the singing friar of Assisi, is performing Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. at the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in Washington


  • Appreciating the Pope

    Fr. Vincent Cushing describes why he feels blessed in the vision and direction brought by Pope Francis

  • Archbishop Roberto Gonzalez Honored

    The people of San Juan celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Siena College graduate's ordination as bishop on Oct. 2 and 3.

  • Planning Collaboration

    The provincial ministers of the U.S. provinces recently evaluated a report on options for the future, announcing goals to friar members

  • October Provincial History

    Memorable events include ministry anniversaries and the devastation caused in 2012 by Hurricane Sandy

  • SBU-Hilbert Collaboration

    Franciscan institutions in Western NY are looking to combat rising costs and declines in enrollment -- together


  • Eight Postulants

    The largest class in more than a decade is settling into life at Holy Name College in Maryland.

  • September History

    Memorable events include awards, a mission consolidation and the anniversary celebration of St. Bonaventure Parish in Paterson, N.J.

  • Friar Death - Sept. 18

    Fr. Lawrence Burke, 92, a professed Franciscan for 72 years and a priest for 66, died Wednesday in Ringwood, N.J.

  • Friar Death -- Sept. 16

    Br. Dominic Finneran, 95, a professed Franciscan friar for 74 years died Monday in South Boston.

  • Friar Death -- Sept. 2

    Fr. Giles Bello, 84, a professed Franciscan friar for 63 years and a priest for 58, died Sept. 2 at Holy Name Friary, Ringwood, N.J.


  • Looking Back at a Historic Day

    Fr. Roy Gasnick describes his experience on Aug. 28, 1963 during the March on Washington

  • Thirteen New Novices

    A ceremony in Wisconsin welcomed Br. Abraham Joseph of Holy Name Province.

  • Hope for Holy Land Peace

    Franciscans send letter to President Obama about Syria as JPIC director gives reasons for cautious optimism

  • Friar Death - Aug. 13

    Fr. Robert Lynch, 96, a professed Franciscan for 75 years and a priest for 70, died Aug. 13 at Holy Name Friary, Ringwood, N.J. Funeral arrangements posted on the Upcoming Events webpage.

  • Friar Death - Aug. 1

    Fr. Roch Coogan, 84, a professed Franciscan for 63 years and a priest for 58, died Thursday in St. Petersburg, Fla. Funeral arrangements appear on our Upcoming Events page.


  • July Curia News

    Fraternitas reports on Order's membership statistics, General Minister's first official visit and more

  • Franciscan Volunteer Ministry

    Applications are still being accepted for the 2013-14 FVM year.

  • Friar Death - July 21

    Fr. Philip Nielsen, 93, a professed Franciscan for 69 years and a priest for 65, died Sunday evening in Ringwood, N.J. Funeral services are posted on Upcoming Events page.

  • July Provincial History

    This month is the anniversary of the release of the Province's first DVD and of the collaborative meeting of the leaders of eight U.S. provinces.

  • Friar Death - July 15

    Br. Maurice Swartout, 88, a professed Franciscan friar for 67 years, died Monday night in Buffalo. Funeral arrangements are on the Events page.

  • Celebrating Franciscan Life

    On June 20, the Province honored 11 friars who are marking 50 and 25 years since they were professed.


  • LBI Church Reopens

    The first Mass since October's hurricane was celebrated at St. Francis of Assisi Church on Long Beach Island.

  • OFM General Minister

    Fr. Michael Perry recently shared his views on the structure of the U.S. provinces.

  • Friar Death -- June 9

    Fr. Carmel Miotke, 80, a professed Franciscan friar for 57 years and a priest for 53, died Sunday in Ringwood, N.J.

  • Urging Immigration Reform Legislation

    The leaders of all the OFM provinces in the U.S. sent a letter to President Obama and members of Congress on June 4, urging passage of humane immigration laws.

  • New ESC Website

    The English-speaking Conference, one of 14 conferences of the Franciscan Order, has launched a website.



  • April Provincial History

    Fifty years ago, Siena College's radio station went on the air.

  • General Minister Named to Vatican Post

    Fr. Jose Rodriguez Carballo, OFM, was appointed April 6 as Secretary of the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life.

  • Immigration Reform

    Around the Province, friars and their partners-in-ministry support the marginalized through prayer, meetings, letters and the April 10 rally in the nation's capital.

  • Praying for Boston

    The friars of St. Anthony Shrine and of all HNP ministries are praying for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

  • Friar Death - April 21

    Fr. Venant Lalonde, 89, a professed Franciscan friar for 63 years and a priest for 58, died Sunday at Holy Name Friary in Ringwood, N.J.

  • Friar Death -- April 15

    Fr. Rene Phillips, 82, a professed friar for 61 years and a priest for 56, died in Angola, N.Y., Monday evening. Funeral arrangements are posted on the Events webpage.

  • Gun Control

    Provincial Minister sent a letter to friars with his views on the need to respect life and prevent violence.


  • Contemplative Days

    Mt. Irenaeus invites friars from all ESC provinces to the Franciscan Mountain retreat June 24 to 28.

  • Curia's March Update

    The Order's newsletter offers seasonal greeting and reports on Mount La Verna's eighth centenary.

  • Immigration Reform

    Ministries from Upstate N.Y. to the Carolinas are expressing support for comprehensive immigration reform.

  • March Provincial History

    Ten years ago, the new Immaculate Conception Church in Durham, N.C., was dedicated.

  • Easter Greetings

    Fr. Jose Rodriguez Carballo, the OFM General Minister, issued a seasonal letter titled "Lord, I Believe but Help My Unbelief."

  • Climate Change

    The Franciscan Action Network offers webinars -- open to all -- on the first Thursday of each month.

  • Pope Francis

    The historic election on March 13 of the Jesuit cardinal from Argentina generated positive comments from friars.


  • New Books by Two Friars

    Lent: A Time of Hope and the Wandering Friar are now for sale.

  • The Good Word

    Phone service with uplifing messages is commemorating its 50th anniversary.

  • February Provincial History

    A school groundbreaking in South Carolina, the 50th anniversary of the Good Word ministry and parish withdrawals are among HNP milestones this month

  • General Curia Update

    The February Fraternitas features conferences, a new hotel in Rome and a St. Bernardine of Siena exhibit.

  • Social Media Use

    Some of the 30+ provincial ministries that use social media offer ideas.

  • JPIC Opportunities

    Information about April 5-8 Ecumenical Advocacy Days and Province's Justice & Peace webpage


  • 2013 Pilgrimages

    Ministries are are offering a variety of interesting trips.

  • January News from Rome

    Current issue of Fraternitas, the OFM newsletter

  • Vocation News

    The first issue of new e-publication has been launched.

  • January History

    Memorable Provincial and ministry events over past years.

  • Martin Luther King Day

    Fr. Joe Nangle reflects on the significance of second inauguration of first black president being held on the holiday.

  • Text a Request

    The Province launched its new "Text a Prayer Intention to a Franciscan Friar" in January.

  • 2013 Jubilarians

    The Province celebrates friars who are marking anniversaries of profession and ordination this year.



  • December Provincial History

    Read about the merging of Buffalo parishes, a flood chapel and a papal award

  • Historic Meeting

    Leaders from seven OFM provinces gathered in Milwaukee to discuss the future of Franciscan life and mission in the United States.

  • December News from Curia

    A Christmas message from the General Minister is among the topics featured in Fraternitas.

  • From Provincial Minister's Desk

    Fr. John O'Connor shares thoughts about historic interprovincial meeting with the General Minister and offers Christmas greetings.

  • Breadline Expansion

    The Franciscans Deliver Food Pantry, an extension of St Francis Breadline in New York City, is holding an open house the weekend of Dec. 15.


  • Friar Death - Nov. 30

    Fr. Brennan Connelly, 81, a professed Franciscan for 61 years and a priest for 56, died Friday morning in Ringwood, N.J. Funeral arrangements are posted in Upcoming Events.

  • Go Down Moses Retreat

    Young African-American men are invited to a retreat in Washington, D.C., Dec. 27 to 30.

  • Friar Death - Nov. 8

    Fr. Cyril Seaman, 83, a professed Franciscan friar for 61 years and a priest for 56, died Thursday in Ringwood, N.J.

  • Storm Stories

    A summary of how our ministries in the Northeast were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

  • Friar Death - Nov. 7

    Fr. Reginald Redlon, 90, a professed Franciscan friar for 68 years and a priest for 63, died Wednesday in Ringwood, N.J.

  • Friar Death - Nov. 3

    Br. Juniper Capece, 80, a professed Franciscan friar for 60 years, died Saturday in Maryland. Funeral arrangements are posted on the Upcoming Events page.


  • Provincial Office Closed

    The Provincial Office -- in Midtown Manhattan -- is reopening Monday Nov. 5 after having been closed all of last week due to power and transportation problems caused by the storm.

  • Online Friar Art

    The creative work of Brothers Octavio Duran, David Haack, Robert Lentz and Sebastian Tobin can be found on the Artisans & Authors page of our website.

  • Franciscan Missionary Beatified

    Fr. Gabriele Allegra was declared blessed on Sept. 29 in Italy

  • Friar Death -- Oct. 12

    Fr. Flavian Walsh, 82, a professed Franciscan friar for 61 years and a priest for 56, died Friday in Pompton Plains, NJ. His wake and Mass of Christian Burial were at St. Francis of Assisi Church where he served as pastor and guardian.

  • October Provincial History

    A summary of memorable events in Holy Name Provine including the opening of the Carnevale Center in New Jersey and the inauguration of Fr. Kevin Mullen as Siena College president.

  • Happy Feast of St. Francis

    Franciscans around the world are commemorating our patron saint.

  • Siena's 75th Anniversary

    The Loudonville, N.Y., college is celebrating its diamond jubilee this fall.



  • Curia News

    August /Setpember Fraternitas features the feast of St. Clare.

  • Solemn Profession

    Four friars -- one from Canada and three from Peru -- professed final vows as Franciscans on Aug. 25.

  • First Profession

    Two HNP novices professed their first vows as Franciscans on Aug. 5.

  • Picture Yourself in Brown

    THe HNP Vocation Office has produced a new pamphlet that shows friar photos and that asks three questions. Copies are available from Fr. Brian Smail in the Provincial Office.

  • Provincial Minister Update

    Fr. John O'Connor shares news about the July interprovincial retreat and other recent events.

  • August Provincial History

    Major events that happened this month in past years include professions

  • Friar Death - August 6

    Fr. Thomas Kelly, 76, a professed Franciscan friar for 56 years and a priest for 50, died Monday at Holy Name Friary in Ringwood, N.J.


  • Poor Clares Gathering

    More than 100 Poor Clare nuns gathered in Western New York to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the Order's founding.

  • JPIC Local Contacts Retreat

    Representatives -- both friars and partners-in-ministry -- gathered in North Carolina in June to discuss immigration, civil discourse, climate change, community organizing, and other issues and projects.

  • Jubilee Celebration

    Twelve friars were honored June 21 for their 50th and 25th anniversaries of profession




  • May 1 Fundraiser for FCC

    Holy Name Parish's FCC is marking 20 years of service to Manhattan's Upper West Side with a fundraiser

  • New Leader of Create's Board

    Fr. Neil O'Connell has been elected chair of the board of the social services agency in Harlem founded by Fr. Benedict Taylor.

  • World Day of Prayer for Vocations

    As Sunday, April 29, approaches, the HNP vocation director encourages working toward a culture of vocations.

  • April Provincial History

    Notable events through the years: the beginning of Siena College and the expansion of the St. Francis Community Center in NJ

  • Formation Update

    Postulant director Fr. Ron Pecci describes recent workshops, visits and missions.

  • Friar Death - April 14

    Former Siena College president Fr. Matthew Conlin, 92, a professed Franciscan friar for 70 years and a priest for 66, died in Ringwood, N.J.

  • Easter Greetings

    The General Minister offers a message of peace and hope.



  • Farewell to Providence

    On Feb. 19, the friars celebrated their last Mass at St Mary's Church.

  • Pilgrimage Opportunities

    Two interesting trips have March 2012 registration deadlines.

  • Immigration Resources

    Our JPIC staff and Hispanic Ministry Committee encourage supporting the "excluded of our day."

  • Friar Death — Feb. 16

    Fr. Leo Clifford, 89, a professed Franciscan friar for 69 years and a priest for 65, died Thursday in Ringwood, N.J.

  • Catholic Schools Week

    Parishes around the Province commemorated the faith, academics and service offered by Catholic education.

  • Friar Death - Feb. 9

    Fr. Venard Murphy, 77, a professed Franciscan friar for 56 years and a priest for 50, died Thursday in St. Petersburg, Fla.

  • Dating God

    A book by Br. Daniel Horan, OFM, has piqued interest of reviewers and readers.

  • Jubilarian Profile - Martin Hanhauser

    A former Siena College professor is marking 75 years as a friar.

  • Marching for Life

    Friars, students and parishioners joined thousands in D.C. to oppose abortion and to support life.


  • UGA's Renovated Chapel

    Provincial Minister Fr. John O'Connor blessed the new chapel in Athens, Ga.,at a Jan. 8 concelebrated Mass with Fathers Tom Vigliotta and David Hyman.

  • Ministry Opportunities

    Paid and volunteer positions are open in the Carolinas and in New York. The HNP Communications Office welcomes information about other jobs around the Province.

  • 2012 Jubilarians

    33 friars are commemorating milestone anniversaries of profession and ordination this year.

  • Provincial Minister's Schedule

    Fr. John O'Connor's commitments through May



  • The Meaning of Christmas

    Three friars & a postulant share thoughts about family, gifts and God's outreach.

  • Rice Ministry's Anniversary

    In November 2011, Tokyo's "Rice Patrol" marked 25 years of service.

  • Friar Death -- Dec. 19

    Fr. Joseph Kiernan, OFM, 75, a professed Franciscan friar for 46 years and a priest for 42, died Monday in Ringwood, N.J. See Upcoming Events for funeral services.

  • Friar Death - Dec. 14

    Fr. James Jones, OFM, 68, a professed Franciscan friar for 44 years and a priest for 35, died Wednesday in St. Petersburg, Fla.

  • Justice and Peace

    The Province's 2011 - 2012 JPIC plan emphasizes immmigration, care for creation and interfaith action.

  • Curia News

    December issue of Fraternitas newsletter

  • Two Novices Receive Habit

    Brothers John Aherrne, OFM, and Jeffrey Upshaw, OFM, received the Francican habit on Dec. 4.

  • Friar Death - Dec. 4

    Fr. Harry Monaco, OFM, 48, a professed Franciscan friar for six years and a priest for two, died Sunday in Maryland. Funeral arrangements appear on the Upcoming Events page.

  • Friar Death -- Nov. 30 in N.J.

    Fr. Kenan Morris, 89, a Franciscan friar for 66 years and a priest for 61, died on Wednesday in Ringwood, N.J.


  • A Painter's Gospel

    An exihibit of work by iconographer Br. Robert Lentz is at the Clare Gallery at St. Patrick-St Anthony Church, Hartford, through Dec. 29.

  • November Provincial History

    HNP events through the years, including a photo taken in Callicoon, N.Y., 1966.

  • 2011 Guardians Meeting

    HNP local leaders met Nov. 15-17 for presentations on leadership, finances, JPIC and other timely topics.

  • Outreach to Job Seekers

    St. Francis of Assisi Parish in New York City is offering help to the unemployed, with an 11-week series that begins Dec. 3.

  • Franciscan Institute Publications

    Fr. Michael Blastic, OFM, is one of the editors of this new series on Francis and Clare.


  • Friar Death - Oct. 29

    Fr. Lambert Valentine, 98, a professed Franciscan friar for 73 years and a priest for 68, died Saturday in Ringwood, N.J. Funeral arrangements will be listed on our Events page.

  • Spirit of Assisi

    Ministries around our province commemorated the 25th anniversary of the 1986 the gathering in Assisi with interfaith prayer services and other programs.

  • Commemorating St. Francis

    Around the Province, ministries held animal blessings, lectures, festivals and the Transitus to remember the Franciscans' patron saint.


  • Communication News

    Our Justice & Peace webpage offers ways that communities from Florida to New England are carrying out social justice initiatives.

  • New Postulants

    The Province welcomed five men as postulants on Aug. 25.

  • September History

    The founding of Province and death of Mychal Judge are just some of the memorable events that took place this month through the years.

  • Hurricane Irene

    Friars and ministries — especially in New Jersey and New York — felt the impact of the late August storm.

  • Friar Death - Sept. 10

    Fr. Miguel Loredo, OFM, 72, a professed Franciscan friar for 51, died Saturday in St. Petersburg, Fla.

  • Sept. 11 Anniversary

    Eight Franciscan provinces have issued a statement about the need to overcome fear and "embrace the other."

  • Remembering Fr. Mychal Judge

    Information and photos of the FDNY chaplain who died on Sept. 11, from St. Francis of Assisi Church in New York.


  • Solemn Profession

    Two friars — Steve DeWitt, OFM, and Dan Horan, OFM — professed their final vows as Franciscans Aug. 27. It was a joyful occasion despite the hurricane.

  • Friar Death - Aug. 24

    Fr. Francis Gunn, a professed Franciscan for 32 years and a priest for 29, died Aug 24 in Northville, N.Y. See Events page for funeral arrangements.

  • Our New Novices

    John Aherne, Pedro Corces and Jeffrey Upshaw entered the Franciscan Order on Aug. 15.

  • Siena's Franciscan Summer

    Representatives from collges in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico spent three weeks on the Loudonville, N.Y., campus leanring about Franciscan traditions and American culture.

  • Christ the King Prep's Commencement

    The Newark, N.J., school where Fr. Robert Sandoz is president held its first graduation in June.

  • Fracking Information

    A report by parish staff member on effects on the environment.


  • Friar Death -- July 25

    Fr. Edward Metzger, OFM, 78, died July 25 in St. Petersburg, Fla. He had been a Franciscan friar for 57 years and a priest for 52.

  • July Fraternitas

    Recent news from the General Curia.

  • Summer of Surprises

    Fr. Michael Calabria reflects on his first visit to post-revolution Egypt.

  • Jubilarians Honored

    Friars commemorating 25 and 50 years as Franciscans were honored by the Province on June 30.

  • Vocation News

    The summer issue of Be A Franciscan newsletter is available as are new features on the "Join Us" webpage.


  • June Fraternitas

    News from the General Curia

  • Simple Profession 2011

    Provincial Vicar Fr. Dominic Monti, OFM, received first vows in Indiana from Br. George Camacho, OFM.

  • Friar Deaths - June 1

    Twin brothers Julian and Adrian Riester, OFM, 92, professed Franciscan friars for 65 years, died at St. Anthony Hospital in St. Petersburg, Fla., on the same day. Interest in their deaths -- and lives -- has been widespread. News stories have been posted in many media outlets around the world.


  • 2011 Commencements

    Nearly 1,500 students graduated this month from SBU and Siena College.

  • Leaderhips Training Workshop

    All HNP friars are invited to participate in the June 7-9 workshop in Maryland. Deadline is June 1.

  • Friar Death -- May 25

    Fr. Henry Madden, OFM, 91, a professed Franciscan friar for 69 years and a priest for 64, died Wednesday morning in Ringwood, N.J.

  • Friar Death - May 21

    Br. Thomas McGowan, OFM, 78, a professed Franciscan friar for 54 years, died on his birthday, May 21, in Boston. See Events for funeral arrangements.

  • Ordination on May 21

    Two friars were ordained to the priesthood on May 21 at Holy Name of Jesus Parish on West 96th Street in New York City.

  • Power Shift 2011

    Fr. Jacek Orzechowski, OFM, joined nearly 10,000 young people just before Earth Day to rally for clean energy.

  • Reacting to Bin Laden's Death

    The Provincial Council provides a Franciscan perspective on the announcement of Osama bin Laden's death.


  • Friar Death - April 24

    Br. Joseph Trunk, 91, a professed Franciscan friar for 68 years, died Easter Sunday in N.J.

  • April Provincial History

    In 2010, provincial leaders visited friars in Germany and our Raleigh parish dedicated three new buildings.

  • Friar Death - April 19

    Fr. Brian Linehan, OFM, 87, a professed friar for 49 years, died in Ringwood, N.J. Mass of Christian Burial is April 26.

  • Two New Pastors

    Recent appointments: Fr. Steve Patti, OFM, as pastor of Church of St. Mary on Broadway in Providence and Fr. Frank Sevola, OFM, as pastor of St. Mary Parish in Pompton Lakes, N.J.

  • Climate Change

    Visit Justice & Peace page for valuable resources including a video of a polar bear plunge.


  • FAN Issues Two Statements

    The Francciscan Action Network is speaking up against budget cuts and supporting rights of union workers.

  • New Pastors Announced

    The appointments of four friars as pastors were recently approved -- Fathers George Corrigan, Richard Mucowski, Steven Patti, and Andrew Reitz.

  • Jubilarian Profile

    Br. Timothy Dauenhauer, OFM, of Buffalo is commemorating 50 years as a friar.

  • Leadership Appointments

    The Provincial Council announced names of guardians, ministry directors and reappointed pastors, based on decisions made at the Congressus in February.

  • Workers' Rights

    The friars issued a statement in response to recent government cutbacks.

  • Japan Earthquake

    Our five friars in Tokyo, based at the Franciscan Chapel Center, are unharmed by the March 11 earthquake. The FCC is offered shelter to people from Sendai and Fukashima.

  • Seasonal Reflection

    Fr. Brian Smail, OFM, discusses Lent and the "deserts of life."

  • Friar Death - March 6

    Br. John Mahon OFM, 62, a professed Franciscan for 38 years, died March 6 in Butler, N.J. Comments about Br. John can be posted on HNP's Facebook page.

  • Jubilee Celebration 2011

    Seven friars who are celebrating 25 and 50 years as friars will be honored on June 30 at St. Francis of Assisi Church, NYC.


  • SBU Friar Speaks About Egypt

    Fr. Michael Calabria, OFM, has been providing cultural and historial context through interviews and speeches.

  • Provincial History

    Read about past February events through the years.

  • Jubilarian Profile: Mark Reamer

    A N.J. native and Raleigh pastor is featured in the first article in our newsletter series about friars commemorating anniversaries of profession this year.

  • Chapter Reflections

    Friars are providing their thoughts about the highlights of the Januay 2011 chapter.


  • Friar Death - Jan. 31

    Fr. Gerald McCaffrey, OFM, 79, a professed Franciscan for 58 years and a priest for 52, died Monday in Butler, N.J.

  • Vocation Update

    Five inquirers attended the Province's recent Franciscan Experience Weekend.

  • Past January Events

    Read about this month in Provincial history.

  • Friar Death

    Fr. Robert Nee, 76, a professed Franciscan friar for 54 years and a priest for 48, died Jan. 19 in N.J.

  • Reviewing 2010

    Here are the most-read newsletter stories of last year.

  • Chapter 2011

    Fathers John O'Connor and Dominic Monti were re-elected Provincial Minister and Vicar respectively at the Jan. 3-7 gathering.




  • Thanksgiving Programs

    Province counts blessings by helping others.

  • Friar Death in Florida

    Fr. John Richardson, 82, a professed Franciscan friar for 59 years and a priest for 54, died Nov. 25 in St. Petersburg, Fla.

  • Friar Death - Nov. 23

    Fr. Anthony Moore, OFM, 85, a professed Francican friar for 64 years and a priest for 59, died Tuesday at Bon Secours Community Hospital in Port Jervis, NY. Funeral details will follow.

  • Chapter 2011 Planning

    Registration deadline is Nov. 26. Forms and driving directions can be found on the HNP Extranet.

  • Friar Death - Nov. 14

    Fr. Cornelius Conti, OFM, 77, died Sunday in Ringwood, N.J. He was a professed Franciscan for 53 years and a priest for 48. Mass of Christian Burial celebrated by Provincial Minister Fr. John O'Connor, OFM.

  • Guardians Meeting 2010

    More than 40 HNP friar leaders gathered at St. Francis Retreat House to discuss the Province's strategic plan.

  • Friar Death — Nov. 7

    Fr. Anthony McGuire, OFM, 87, a professed Franciscan friar for 63 years and a priest for 58, died Saturday in Ringwood, NJ. Biographical details to be posted in Nov. 10 e-letter.

  • Friar Death - Nov. 3

    Fr. Peter Sheridan, OFM, 97, a Franciscan friar for 75 years and a priest for 69, died Nov. 3 in Ringwood, NJ. See Events for funeral services.

  • New Devotion from Guild

    St. Anthony's Guild offers a devotion to Mary the New Eve. A statue and personalized prayer cards are available.

  • Hartford's Franciscan Presence

    St. Patrick-St. Anthony Parish celebrates 20th anniversary of friars coming to the downtown church.


  • Provincial History

    Read about past Oct. events including the 2009 Encuentro Franciscano and the 1990 assumption of care by the Franciscans of St. Patrick-St. Anthoy Church in Hartford.

  • St. Francis Breadline

    The 80th anniversary of the Midtown Manhattan ministry was commemorated with a concert and a mayor's proclamation.

  • Friar Deaths

    Fr. Donan McGovern, OFM, 82, a Francsican friar for 60 years and a priest for 55, died Oct. 12 in Boston.

    Stephen Doyle, OFM, 76, a professed Franciscan for 54 years and a priest for 48, died Oct. 8 also in Boston.


  • Death of a Friar

    Fr. Boniface Hanley, OFM, 85, a professed Franciscan friar for 65 years, died Sept. 24 in N.J.

  • Solemn Profession

    Four friars professed their final vows as Franciscans at St. Francis of Assisi Church in NYC.

  • Friar Death

    Fr. Depaul Genska, OFM, 79, a professed Franciscan friar for 58 years, died Sept. 13 in Ringwood, N.J.

  • Sept. 11 Reflection

    Anniversary prompted Franciscans to lift voices against tide of anti- Muslim rhetoric. A letter from Fathers John O'Connor, OFM, and Dominic Monti, OFM, encouraged respect and religious tolerance.

  • Summer Internships

    Three friars share reflections about their varied summer experiences.

  • Friar Death

    Fr. Ignatius McGeady, OFM, 84, a professed Franciscan for 58 years and a priest for 52, died Sept. 7 in Brazil.

  • NC Parish Hosts Immigration Rally

    More than 1,500 gathered at Durham's Immaculate Conception Church to discuss reform.




  • New Look to Vocation Page

    Check out new content and format on the Join Us page of the Province's website.

  • General Curia News

    June Fraternitas reports on OFM news.

  • Two Friars Profess First Vows

    Brothers Gerald Hopeck and Michael Reyes professed first vows as Franciscans.

  • Friar Death

    Buffalo native Fr. Matthew Gaskin, OFM, 88, a professed Franciscan for 64 years and a priest for 60, died June 5 in Ringwood, N.J.


  • CTU Bids Farewell to Friar

    Fr. Alexander Di Lella has left Catholic University after nearly 25 years, after ministering nearly 50 years in an academic environment.

  • Two Friars Ordained

    Brothers Larry Anderson, OFM, and David Phan, OFM, were ordained priests on May 22.

  • Raleigh Parish Expansion

    St. Francis of Assisi Parish has three new buildings. Provincial Minister John O'Connor, OFM, and the bishop of Raleigh blessed them on April 25.


  • Francis Medal Presentation

    The friars recognized the environmental efforts of New York's Mayor Bloomberg with the HNP Francis Medal. The presentation was April 21 at Holy Name of Jesus School.

  • Employment Opportunity

    Francsican Mission Service seeks a program director at its Washington, D.C., headquarters.

  • Friar Named to White House Commission

    President Obama appointed Br. Dan Sulmasy, OFM, a physician, as one of 10 new members of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues.









  • Young Adult Programs

    Many HNP parishes are offering vibrant programs for young adults that enrich their spiritual and social lives.

  • Happy Feast of St. Francis

    Ministries are celebrating with films, lectures, book-signings, tours, the Transitus & pet blessings.

  • Sept. 23 Webinar on Health Care

    The Franciscan Action Network is holding a web panel discussion about health care reform on Wed. from 8 - 9 p.m.

  • Franciscan Lectures at Villanova

    Two friar priests are lecturing this month at Villanova University near Philly.

  • September News Through the Years

    Click for Provincial history in past Septembers.

  • Encuentro on Oct. 24

    Friars are preparing to celebrate Hispanic culture. St. Camillus Parish will host the festive event.

  • Friar Death

    Fr. Thaddeus Sapio, OFM, 71, a professed friar for 50 years and a priest for 44, died Sept. 17 Anderson, S.C. Biograpical information will appear in Sept. 30 e-newsletter.

  • Friar Death

    Fr. Raymond Beach, OFM, 91, died Sept. 14 in North Jersey. He was a professed Franciscan for 69 years, a priest for 64.

  • Sept. 11 Remembered

    Friars and their friends remembered those lost on 9/11/01 with Masses and other special events.

  • Franciscan Volunteer Ministry

    Twelve FVMs -- in three locations -- began their service in Aug.


  • Year for Priests Brochure

    Colorful pamphlet available to order.

  • New Photo Album

    View pictures of the friars' annual jubilee celebration.

  • Be A Franciscan

    Read the latest blog entry by vocation director Fr. Brian Smail, OFM, about the solemn profession of three friars.

  • Profession of Vows

    Friars Larry Anderson, OFM, Juan de la Cruz Turcios, OFM, and Fred Dilger, OFM, professed their final vows Aug. 22 in New York City.

  • Be a Franciscan

    Vocation Office blog offers news and views from Fr. Brian Smail, OFM, and his team.

  • Friars Honor Pennsylvania Parish

    Three friars concelebrated the July 26 closing Mass at a 112-year-old Wilkes-Barre church where 68 HNP friars had ministered.

  • General Chapter

    Order of Friars Minor published a report about '09 General Chapter held this spring in Assisi.

  • Happy Feast of St. Clare

    Read a reflection by HNP's spiritual assistant to the Poor Clares.

  • August 22 Profession

    Friars Larry Anderson, OFM, Juan De la Cruz Turcios, OFM, and Fred Dilger, OFM, who was featured by the Today show, will profess final vows this month.

  • Fair Trade

    St. Camillus Parish in Silver Spring, MD., has become a model for fair trade efforts and education.


  • Vocation News

    Read about ordinations, upcoming events, and discernment in the Summer '09 Insight & Wisdom newsletter.

  • Our Friars Are Blogging

    Read info. and reflections by HNP friars.

  • Closing the Year of St. Paul

    Pastor Fr. Todd Carpenter, OFM, welcomed two bishops to his Wilmington parish on June 29.

  • SFFP Milestones

    St. Francis Friends of the Poor commemorated the opening of its new offices in Midtown Manhattan and the 25th anniversary of Residence II.

  • Becoming a Well-Fed Friar

    Friars are putting into practice what they learned at a recent nutrition workshop.

  • Boston Friar Translates OFM History

    Fr. Raphael Bonnano, OFM, recently translated "In the Name of Saint Francis," a book on the history of the Order, from Italian to English.

  • Provincial History

    Read about noteworthy events that happened in July in past years.

  • Fraternitas

    A special issue of Fraternitas featuring the General Chapter held May 24 to June 20 has been published by the Order.

  • Fr. Justin Bailey, OFM

    The 75-year-old, who was a professed friar for 54 years, died July 4 in Florida. A Mass of Christian Burial for Fr. Justin was celebrated July 9 by Provincial Minister John O'Conmor, OFM.


  • Washington Theological Union

    The WTU has a new president -- Fr. Frederick Tillotson, O.Carm.

  • Jubilee Celebration

    Eight friars were recognized with a Mass and reception on June 24 for their golden and silver anniversaries of profession.

  • Seasonal Reflection

    Thoughts on St. John the Baptist whose feast is June 24.

  • Simple Profession

    Jeffery Jordan, OFM, professed his first vows as a Franciscan June 6 in Wilmington, Del.

  • New Novices

    Three men were received into the Province's novitiate program on June 12.

  • Br. Dan Sulmasy

    Holy Name friar Dan Sulmasy, OFM, spoke at New York Medical College's commencement on May 27.

  • FMU's Monthly Meditation

    The June meditation from the Franciscan Missionary Union describes several feast days and reflects on the Year of Paul.

  • JPIC Webinar June 15

    Join Cardinal McCarrick and other experts for an online educational opportunity about peacemaking in the Middle East.

  • General Chapter May 24 - June 20

    American Fr. Mike Perry, OFM, was elected General Vicar of the Order on June 5. News from the 187th OFM General Chapter in Assisi, which closed with a Solemn Eucharist, was provided through daily briefings from the ESC.

  • Tampa Parish News

    Fr. Andrew Reitz provides an update on Sacred Heart Parish where the friars have been ministering since 2005.


  • Spiritual Direction

    Province friars and programs are helping people get closer to God.

  • Ordination of Priests

    Four Holy Name friars were ordained to priestly ministry on May 16.

  • Allegany Sisters

    The Franciscan Sisters of Allegany celebrated their 150th anniversary April 24 with a Mass, dinner and presentation of Distinguished Partner in Ministry Awards to 10 individuals and groups including Holy Name Province.

  • Catholic Climate Covenant

    FAN launched a climate change campaign with the first of seven webinars.

  • Celebrating 800 Years

    Many branches of the Franciscan family gathered April 25 in New York to commemorate the eighth centenary of the Order.

  • Province on NBC Web Site

    Friars Fred Dilger, Jerome Massimino, and Brian Smail appear in a Today show clip with an HNP applicant who saw the "life shift" ad on the NY subway.


  • New York Food Pantries

    The Province's three food pantries in NYC are helping more people than ever.

  • Earth Day

    Ministries around the province commemorated the 39th annual Earth Day on April 22.

  • International Chapter

    Eight HNP friars joined more than 1,500 friars from around the world in Assisi at the April 15 - 18 International Chapter of Mats. Two were interviewed by CNS.

  • Laurence Rainville, OFM, Died

    Fr. Laurence Rainville, OFM, 89, a professed Franciscan friar for 66 years, died April 13 at Holy Name Friary in Ringwood, N.J.

  • Seasonal Reflection

    Thoughts on Easter from Mt. Irenaeus Franciscan Mountain Retreat.

  • Peace Pilgrimage

    Seven Holy Name friars visited the Holy Land in March.



  • CNN Featured HNP Friars ....

    ... on the Feb. 27 American Morning program. The piece -- by reporter Alina Cho -- was aired twice. "Friars' underground marketing" included HNP's provincial minister and vocation director.

  • Fr. John Piccione, OFM, Died Feb. 22

    Funeral services were held Feb. 28 in Paterson, N.J., for HNP's development director. The 44-year-old Brooklyn native was a professed Franciscan friar for 18 years.

  • Carrefour Pastoral de la Francophonie

    Ministry based at St. Stephen of Hungary Church in NYC supports and commemorates French immigrants.

  • Br. Thomas Sullivan Died

    Br. Sullivan, 78, died Feb. 18 in Wayne, N.J. Funeral info. is at left.

  • Vocation Director on NPR

    Holy Name's subway ad was featured on a Feb. 10 piece on National Public Radio's Marketplace Morning Report. Click below to hear an interview with vocation director Brian Smail. Its title -- Friars Looking for a Few Good Men.

  • Justice and Peace

    Homily tips are available for friars in the Justice & Peace page of this web site.

  • Provincial Minister in Peru

    Fr. John O'Connor visited a variety of ministries in and around Lima.


  • Edward Cardinal Egan Visits

    The archbishop of New York visited St. Stephen of Hungary School in Manhattan on Jan. 27 in commemoration of Catholic Schools Week. The friars and school community enjoyed his visit.

  • Martin Luther King Day Celebration

    Province commemorated the civil rights leader with a Mass in New York City.

  • Provincial Minister's Schedule

    Click for dates of Fr. John O'Connor's key commitments through mid-June.

  • Marking Milestones

    The Province congratulates friars commemorating anniversaries of religious life in 2009. Click also for a list of HNP friars who died in 2008.




  • Guardians' Meeting

    Leadership development, vocations, and justice and peace were the key topics discussed at the '08 guardians' meeting.


  • Rest in Peace

    Fr. Sennen San Fratello, OFM, 82, a professed Franciscan friar for 55 years and a priest for 50, died Oct. 12 in Ringwood, N.J. Burial was in Batavia, N.Y.

  • New Pastor at All Saints Church

    Steven Pavignano, OFM, was installed Sept. 28 as pastor of the Harlem church served by the Province.



  • Photo Exhibit in Hartford

    Photos by Octavio Duran, OFM, are being exhibited until Oct. 5 at St. Patrick-St. Anthony's Clare Gallery.


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