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Friars in the News

View clips and read coverage of Holy Name priests and brothers in the media.

The Arlington Catholic Herald – November 19, 2014

A Union of African, African-American Communities

The Black Catholic Ministries of the diocesan Office of Multicultural Affairs celebrate the third annual Unity Mass at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Triangle, Va., with Fr. John O'Connor, OFM, serving as concelebrant.

The Arlington Catholic Herald – November 12, 2014

A Call to Fight Human Trafficking

St. Francis Church in Triangle, Va., hosts nearly 200 people for a panel on the realities of human trafficking.

Times Union – November 7, 2014

University at Albany Citizen Laureate Awards

Provincial Minister Fr. Kevin Mullen, OFM, receives the University at Albany Foundation’s 2014 Academic Laureate Award.

National Catholic Register – October 30, 2014

Franciscan Parish Lives Namesake’s Mission

The advocacy work of the laity at St. Francis Church in Triangle, Va., captures the attention of the national media.

New York Daily News – October 13, 2014

Columbus Day: About More Than Just the Explorer

In light of arguments against the celebration of Columbus Day, Fr. Brian Jordan reminds people of the holiday's importance to Italian-Americans.

The Anthonian – August 1, 2014

A Throwback to St. Francis

Br. Xavier de la Huerta, OFM, describes his role in the beginnings of St. Francis Inn, Philadelphia, where he has been stationed since 1981, and the grace and sense of humor that has accompanied him throughout his ministry.

MSMC Magazine – July 1, 2014

Golden Years of Service

As he concludes his term as president of Mount St. Mary College and marks his 50th anniversary of ordination, Fr. Kevin conveys his gratitude to both the Franciscan and the MSMC community.

USA Today – May 15, 2014

Ground Zero Cross Remains a Powerful Symbol

A steel beam in the shape of a cross became a symbol of hope for many after 9/11. Fr. Brian Jordan, OFM, celebrated Mass for many people who gathered around the cross in the years following Sept. 11.

Olean Times Herald – May 12, 2014

Mt. Irenaeus Celebrates 30 Years, Its Chapel Turns 25 This Year

The Franciscan mountain retreat community prepares to celebrate the ministry's anniversary. Fr. Daniel Riley, OFM, founder and director, reflects on Mt. Irenaeus's history.

Times-Herald Record – April 25, 2014

Mount Bids a Fond Goodbye to Father Kevin

The Mount Saint Mary College community celebrates president Fr. Kevin Mackin as he prepares to step down at the end of the academic year.

Catholic New York – April 17, 2014

Faith Lives

Pilgrims were welcomed to Holy Name Church in New York City by Fr. Daniel Kenna, OFM, during the 2014 Franciscan Pilgrimage.

The News Journal – April 14, 2014

Palm Crosses Celebrate Easter, Honor Heritage

Parishioners create "a spiritual garden" out of palm crosses each year at St. Paul Church in Wilmington. The activity gives people a chance to celebrate both their faith and their culture.

Potomac Local – April 14, 2014

St. Francis of Assisi Goes Green, Plans Festival

Our parish in Triangle, Va., celebrates Earth Day and the 35th anniversary of St. Francis being named patron saint of ecology with a variety of educational activities.

The Philadelphia Inquirer – March 11, 2014

Kensington Monks Serve Dignity with Dinner

The friars of St. Francis Inn serve more than 151,000 hot meals each year to Philadelphia's poor. This article highlights the "friar power" that keeps the ministry running.

The River Reporter – February 26, 2014

Change in Local Catholic Churches

The Province announces that it will return care of two parishes in Sullivan County to the Archdiocese of New York.

The Filipino Express – January 20, 2014

Filipino Groups in NY Push for TPS for Philippines

Fr. Julian Jagudilla, OFM, director of the Migrant Center at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, and other members of the Filipino community in New York City are asking the federal government to grant Filipinos in the U.S. temporary protected status.

America Magazine – January 20, 2014

Daring Peace

Fr. Daniel Horan, OFM, writes about Pope Francis, Nelson Mandela and other leaders who use nonviolence in an effort to secure peace for all.

The News Journal – January 19, 2014

Does One Day a Year Really Honor Dr. King?

The Province holds its annual Mass in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. at St. Joseph Church in Wilmington, Del.

New York Daily News – January 1, 2014

Leave the Horses and Drivers Alone

As debates over the Central Park carriage horses continue, several members of the faith community speak of the benefits of allowing the practice to continue.